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Survais - June 2019 Update


June was a bit of a different month for us here at Survais. We've moved our operations from Limerick, to our new HQ in Cork, Ireland - where we will be for the foreseeable future 🏡

Other than the usual minor bug fixes and UI tweaks, we have two worthy mentions this month in terms of development:

Survais WordPress Plugin

We have a primitive WordPress Plugin available. The Survais WordPress plugin allows you to log in to your Survais account, and select which Survai to display on your website. It will display the Survai on every single page of the site for now.

Currently, the Survais WordPress plugin will allow you to enable/disable Survais across every page of your site.

You should also keep in mind that Global Survais will always only show the active Global Survai, regardless of which one is selected via the Survais WordPress plugin. So ensure you check the Survais dashboard to see which Global Survai you have active first.

Survais Statistics

The second item worth mentioning is that we have released a very early new feature (Analytics/Statistics) into the Survais Beta program that records very basic and non-intrusive stats. Survais Statistics comes bundled with Survais with no additional updates needed on your end.

Survais Statistics do not track users behaviour or browsing patterns, and they can not even be linked to Survai responses. This ensures complete anonymity from an end user perspective.

Survais Statistics will be in the Beta program for quite some time as we try to get the offering to a point we are happy with.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by the Survais Blog!

If you have any issues, questions, or want access to Survais Beta features, reach out to us at