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Survais - May 2019 Update


The free plan is now full featured 🎉 You can now use themes, and all slide types on the free plan!

We've also updated how our plans are limited in May. Plans are no longer limited based on the number of impressions. Plans are now limited based on the number of responses recieved. This means no matter how many people see your Survai, if they don't respond; it won't impact your monthly limit anymore.

We will be monitoring this over the next few months to ensure we feel the response count provided is also fair. Rest assured, the response count will not be going down from their current setting. So if we do make changes, the numbers will only be going one way... 👆 up!

Besides fixing bugs and general housekeeping... and blocking spammers, here is some of the other stuff we've been working on:

Moving forward, we hope to have the WordPress plugin ready to go in June (or at least in beta).

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by the Survais Blog!

If you have any issues, questions, or want access to Survais Beta features, reach out to us at